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16th January 2021 

"Heal Your Hungry Heart" Be Part of a Support and Therapy Group for Bulimia and Anorexia

Bulimia and anorexia are meaningful ways that people use to express their pain and emotions. Sometimes bulimia and anorexia are symbolic of the difficulties and conflicts we have suffered, expressed from the inside our bodies. Our bodies can be sources of shame, guilt or badness. Bodies are a natural way for expression. It can hold onto secrets, or be a source of separating the good and bad. We may struggle to know what we truly desire anymore, or know what we are separating from but we may keep searching for what is missing but are unable to find it. We cannot put into words what we need from others but we can give a powerful message through the food consumed and expelled, or what is not consumed. We may believe that we are happy and have everything that we want but can be in denial, protesting against powerful others we have relationships with, through our relationship with food.
Our work together as a support and therapy group will consist exploring these issues, relationships, childhood experiences and psych-education. The aims are to confront and understand ambivalent emotions, find ways to feel and accept intense feelings and express them healthily, evoking a change in lifestyle. The group is small, contained, confidential and in a safe setting. It will run over a period of 12 weeks.

Fees are 25 per session.
Duration: 1 and a half hours per week.
Day: Friday afternoons at 3pm, located on Windmill Road, Croydon, Surrey.